TQM Process

Delivering on Our Promises


Once we determine your needs, budget, and goals, then we ensure we are maintaining your deadlines every step of the way. And that means being experts at sourcing materials through our network, and being flexible to satisfy change orders. Our responsiveness keeps us on top of our customers’ new and often ever-changing needs. Have we mentioned that we have never missed a store opening?


The biggest fear of construction and project managers is a lapse in quality standards. Missing parts or holes that haven’t been drilled are frustrating and hold up a job. TQM triple checks then quadruple checks the work at each stage of production to meet a 100-per-cent fulfillment goal.


At TQM, we prefer to use our own trucks to make shipping deadlines and ensure the product arrives in pristine condition. However, our logistics department maintains relationships with numerous shipping companies to help meet delivery dates.


We provide supply and install or install services. Whichever you choose, we take great effort in-shop to make installation easier. We supply assembled fixtures as opposed to knock-down fixtures, access holes, IT cable management and pre-wiring. The results: nicer finishing, reduced installation time, fewer construction errors, and less on-site labour.

No matter who we work with - architects, designers, construction managers, home owners, or project managers - we know that delivering on our promises is essential to each project.